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Fisherman's Corner , Archery , Fishing and Sporting Goods |  541 929-2440 | 1010 Main St. Philomath, OR - Weights and Sinkers - Cheater Bait Weights | Beau-Mac | PINK/FLAME DOT - 50
"Cheater Bait Weights | Beau-Mac | PINK/FLAME DOT - 50"
Cheater Bait Weights | Beau-Mac | PINK/FLAME DOT - 50

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Cheater weight or egg sinker can keep bait down in the strike zone,
Cheater Bait Weights are designed to keep drifted baits at desired depth. Featuring the distinctive Cheater shape and fish-attracting painted finishes, these slip weights rest at the eye of the hook.
# 14 Small 6 per Pack
# 12 Med 5 per Pack
# 10 Large 4 per Pack




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