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Fisherman's Corner , Archery , Fishing and Sporting Goods |† 541 929-2440 | 1010 Main St. Philomath, OR - Spinners, Lures and Spoons - Brad's Fishing Gear - Brad's Super Bait Cut Plug - Brad's Super Bait Cut Plug | SCP-8 Lemon Lime
"Brad's Super Bait Cut Plug | SCP-8 Lemon Lime"
Brad's Super Bait Cut Plug | SCP-8 Lemon Lime

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The Brad's Super Bait Cut Plug is a Patent Pending bait-holding lure with a super rotating action! All backs have full or partial UV glow and have a split cavity design like the Super Bait. It has proven very effective for Chinook, Coho, Lake Trout, and Walleye! It can be fished by trolling, casting, plunking, or back bouncing. Comes with leader including a 6 bead chain swivel and scent pad. Add your scent or filet and it is ready to fish! Split-cavity Patent Pending design, Rotating Action.
NOTE: The Two Pack in un-rigged : The user must supply leader set-up. Lure can be rigged with single treble hook or with fixed tied mooching hooks.

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