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Fisherman's Corner , Archery , Fishing and Sporting Goods |  541 929-2440 | 1010 Main St. Philomath, OR - Bait Scents - Pro-Cure Scents - PRO-CURE SCENT FREE UV FLASH

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All Pro-Cure Scents are now UV Enhanced! Regular daylight on top, two similar spoons. The bottom spoon has a light smear of UV Flash Super Gel. Under UV Light the top spoon virtually disappears while the spoon treated with UV Flash Super Gel literally glows in the darkness. Unlike weak watered down UV spray products that wash right off PRO-CURE's new UV FLASH Super Gel stays right where you put it for a long, long time. A light coating on your favorite lure will give your lure or bait a UV reflective shine that fish can see to hundred of feet down. Perfect for lures, hoochies, scampies, jigs and baits. Available in both 2 oz


Our Price: $5.59

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